Spun Bamboo and Lacquer Canister

$ 19.80

These handmade bamboo canisters are as environmentally friendly as they are beautiful. They are handcrafted from Southeast Asia Bamboo that has been cut into long strips and spun into round, cylindrical containers. The bamboo canister is completed with multiple coats of highly polished solid lacquer on the outside to give it a beautiful luster, while the inside and lid display the gorgeous bamboo grain that gives the canister it's shape and durability. The lid is adorned with a bamboo handle that is fastened with a rattan tie.

Each box is more durable than porcelain or ceramic, and much lighter in weight. These colorful, beautifully designed containers provide both useful storage and bright accents for any room. They look beautiful in sets of three or more. Choose a single color to match the room or mix and match colors for vibrant room accent.


  • Large:  11.5" H x 8.75" D
  • Medium: 10" H x 7.25" D
  • Small:  7" H x 5.5" D
  • Extra small:  4.5" H x 3.5" D

Colors: (some colors may not be available in some sizes)

  • Coral
  • Eastern Sunrise
  • Open Ocean
  • Scuba Blue
  • Palm Green
  • White

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Spun Bamboo and Lacquer Canister